The Eyes Have It – by Deb Valle


If you don’t know it now, you will soon figure out that your BIG day is all about the pictures! YOUR pictures!

Bridal Makeup

It’s very unlikely that you’ll look back at your entree selections, your flowers or even your venue and ever think “OMG! What was I thinking?” On the other hand, choose NOT to have professional makeup and a fantastic hair design and you almost certainly will!

Even you ladies that are not a fan of makeup, trust me, you should have your makeup professionally done. Family with good intentions, friends that are “good at it” or thinking to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just do it myself” or even worse – doing your normal makeup routine – are things you should most definitely avoid! You cannot undo bland or just plain bad pictures!

I LOVE eyes. They speak to you; they can lead to the center of your soul. And they can make or break your whole look.

Your eyes are the center of your face and you want them to POP! On your wedding day, your eyes have got to make a powerful statement!

Whether yours is a daytime or evening wedding…slightly bolder makeup is a must. I am not talking about dark or heavy with loads of thick black liner. I am, however, talking about enhancing your brows, using shadow two to three times darker than you normally would, liner a little bolder than you’re used to and in most cases, lashes! Adding lashes, even when you have been blessed with fantastic natural lashes bring out your eyes in an incredible way – on and off the camera! It may take a little getting used to but when all is said and done, you will have a stunning look for your photos.

Trust your makeup artist to help you achieve that stunning look and don’t be afraid to share your likes/dislikes at your trial. Makeup wipes off and we want YOU to love your look. We work with photographers on a regular basis to help you achieve a perfect balance between “real life” and amazing makeup for your photographs. Team Beauti always has your best interest at heart and promise that you will love the results!


Miami Madness!


Team Beauti enjoyed themselves this past Monday at The Wedding Salon Bridal Show in South Beach!  Six of us headed down to participate in this event because of our recent expansion to Broward and Dade County.  We had the privilege of doing the hair and makeup on four of the models for Sasha’s Bridal Boutique which was showcased throughout the evening.  When the doors opened at 4pm, the brides were immediately drawn to our booth.  We were demonstrating the airbrushed technique on anyone interested.  When I looked back behind me to see how crowded the room had gotten, I saw that both Deb and I had a line of 5 brides deep waiting to try the airbrushed makeup!  We went nonstop for 3 1/2 hours!   Thanks to everyone who helped make that bridal show such a success and I look forward to hearing from all those brides who loved the airbrush look!      Joanne ~ Team Beauti


Airbrushed vs. Traditional Makeup


We get this question quite often…”What’s the difference between airbrushed makeup and traditional makeup?”  The answer is BIG!  When you’re having your makeup done professionally for an occasion such as a wedding and your picture is going to be taken countless times for numerous hours, airbrushed makeup is the answer to your prayers.

Airbrushed makeup is either water based or silicone based.  Water based has a matte finish and silicone based has a dewy finish.  In my experiences, I have found that both last approximately 14 hours, is sweat proof and can be reasonably water proof.  Airbrushed makeup goes on with an air compressor which, when done correctly, leaves a flawless finish.  When done correctly, airbrushed makeup does not look “cakey” or feel heavy.  In fact, many of my brides have said that it doesn’t even feel like they are wearing makeup.  Check out the gallery of photos on, the majority of those brides have been airbrushed.

On the other hand, traditional makeup is your typical liquid foundation.  It’s applied with the artists’ fingers, sponge or brush.   The application, regardless of technique, tends to have a heavier feel and look.  It has a lasting power of approximately 8 hours and most brands are not sweat proof or water proof.  In fact, many brands of traditional makeup have an SPF which does not photograph well.  It often leaves the subject looking “pasty” or “ghost-like”.

The best way to find out which type of makeup is best suited for your skin and your taste is to set up a trial with your makeup artist.  This is not something you want to play with on the “big” day.  The artists on Team Beauti specialize in airbrushed makeup application and can help you make the best decision for you.