Miami Madness!


Team Beauti enjoyed themselves this past Monday at The Wedding Salon Bridal Show in South Beach!  Six of us headed down to participate in this event because of our recent expansion to Broward and Dade County.  We had the privilege of doing the hair and makeup on four of the models for Sasha’s Bridal Boutique which was showcased throughout the evening.  When the doors opened at 4pm, the brides were immediately drawn to our booth.  We were demonstrating the airbrushed technique on anyone interested.  When I looked back behind me to see how crowded the room had gotten, I saw that both Deb and I had a line of 5 brides deep waiting to try the airbrushed makeup!  We went nonstop for 3 1/2 hours!   Thanks to everyone who helped make that bridal show such a success and I look forward to hearing from all those brides who loved the airbrush look!      Joanne ~ Team Beauti



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