2011/2012 Top Wedding Trends


With the help from The Perfect Wedding Guide and The Knot magazine, I present to you the top wedding trends for 2011!

Fewer traditions:  Couples will continue to buck “tradition-for-tradition’s sake” and focus on personalizing every aspect of their wedding to reflect their interests and personalities.

Textural Attire:  Wedding gowns are all about texture this year.  In past seasons, we have seen pops of color, lots of bling, and feminine detailing.  In keeping with the subtly luxurious tone of all wedding trends this year, gowns are following suit with visually interesting and rich textures.

Non-traditional veils:  Vintage or heirloom hair combs are really hot.  Reusing old items are great for the environment and they are a great way to incorporate something special for a loved one.

Crafty cues:  DIY and handmade wedding related items continue to grow in popularity as they become easier to access and more affordable through major craft retailers and reputable online sources such as Etsy.com.

Creative colors:  Bold colors are the thing for Spring!  Shades that are a bit punchier than pastel, but not quite jewel-toned are making a big statement this year.  Colors such as fuscia, navy, orange, silver and purple will be making a statement this year.

Chuck the tchotchkes:  Couples are choosing to provide their guests with a dessert bar, a candy bar, cigars and a signature drink.   Souvenir photobooth picture strips in lieu of the traditional wedding favor trinket are a ton of fun!

Simple wedding cakes:  As opposed to elaborate and whimsical designs in years past, wedding cakes in 2001 will be scaled back to more modest designs with all edible elements.

Shorter guest list:  Intimate weddings are still going strong; although wedding budgets are beginning to recover in2001, a return to the traditional lengthy guest list will not make a comeback.

2011 Stats:

The average age of the bride is 29 and the groom 31.

Average household income for those ready to tie the knot is $90,000.

40% of weddings are destination weddings.

The average length of engagement is 15 months.

42% of weddings go over their budget.

Enjoy the journey as you plan your big day!!!