Journal the Journey!


As a journaler, I have found some are private and will never be shared with anyone; some are for the future; some are serious; some are funny; but all are a part of who I am.  Brides today have wedding planners, florists, caterers, musicians, makeup and hair artists [Go TeamBeauti!] – but a bride with a journal has a personal “treasure”.

 Only you can journal your journey to the altar.  You may say,  “Not one more thing to do!”  “And what is the benefit of this endeavor?”  I can think of several reasons that perhaps you have not thought of.  For example, sharing your journal of thoughts, wishes, ups, downs and events with your groom at the right time (maybe on your one year anniversary!)   Maybe sharing with future children the personal thoughts of mom in the months, weeks, days before the wedding! 

 Journaling has been proven to help in many ways too:

 o   Focus on issues

o   Help people understand their experiences and themselves

o   Integrates thought and feelings

o   Gives their experience structure and meaning

o   A sense of resolution

o   Explains and organizes life events

o   The process of writing something down forces you to think it through until you understand it.


It’s an investment – An empty journal has no value.


You can write or type a journal.  There are websites that you can purchase to keep your journal.  There is an International Association of Journal Writers!

The key is to Keep It Simple Sweetie!  Find yourself a beautiful journal – there are all price ranges out there.  Or, get a 99 cent composition notebook from your local superstore!  It is yours to do with whatever you want.  I love a wide tipped black pen to write with – it “sounds” bolder to me.  Brides, I know you’re busy but keep your journal close by to jot down your thoughts, your dreams, your Bucket List, etc.  You can keep notes on things you see that you want to be part of your wedding:  a certain flower, a perfect color, a great recipe you ate at lunch one day for your reception, a gorgeous shade of lipstick.  It is yours to share or not to share!

Try it – I think you’ll like it and someday down the road when the kids are going off to college and you just need to little reminder of where it all began:  take out your journal, grab your love by the hand, sit down and enjoy the memories!

Joanne & Peggy









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