Love it or Leave it??


While researching the internet and looking for interesting facts for TeamBeauti’s blog we came across some intriguing thoughts from brides across the globe!


What traditions would you like to see disappear before your big day?  There are a few brides from around the world think some should be never thought about again!


Cake Smooshing

The Bouquet Toss

The Rice Throw

The Chicken Dance/Macarena/Electric Slide/Hokey… You Get the Idea

The Dollar Dance

The Toasting Free for All

The Pushy DJ probably pushing the Chicken Dance

The Elaborate Removal of the Garter

The Garter/Bouquet Matchup

The White Dress


Have some more we can add?  Give us your thoughts.


Tip for the Day:  Don’t get overwhelmed with wedding thoughts, ideas, etc.  Just do the next thing and one at a time, they will get done.


 Joanne & Peggy


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