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Musings from TeamBeauti…

So much to think about, worry about, ponder…?  One of the reasons we have this blog is to give you some ideas we have found while surfing the web.  And to remind you to enjoy the moments! 

  1.  Make a budget – what do you have to work with?
  2.  Stick with your budget – remember bigger and better is more $$$.
  3.  Be organized and make a list of everything you want to include in your wedding, even the smallest detail may be forgotten. 

Look for interesting websites to visit while planning all the details.  We found several that have some new and interesting tips.





~  Renttherunway/

 Remember some of the events which may be overlooked during the reception like someone announcing when you are cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, first dance, etc.  Your guests are there to share with you and want to be part.

This amazing experience should be memorable and fun!  Remember that there is no perfect wedding day. Something will be forgotten, and someone will do or say something goofy but all of this is part of your story!  A receiving line is great for your guests, family, etc., however partying, dancing and having a good time is a consideration you should think about.

Most importantly, remember you are celebrating the love of your life on this day. Take the time to look at him, hold his hand, dance with him, kiss him, and celebrate each other.  Don’t worry about the photographer – when you have a good one, they will catch all those precious moments! 

This is your day, your story, your love.  ENJOY IT!

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