Is the Cake a Big Deal?



Your entire wedding is a BIG deal!  Careful thought has been put into each detail and although you’re the crowning glory, the cake is certainly not last on the list.

Did you know the traditional fruit wedding cake represented fertility and the cutting of the cake symbolized the first act of the couple working together in harmony?  The average three-layered wedding cake serves approximately150 people.  A wedding cake that serves 150 people can exceed $1000+ depending on the design, frosting, decorations, etc.

Let’s get down to the facts:

Your cake order can be placed as soon as you decide the wedding date.  At least one month in advance is a necessity.

Your guest count is first and foremost.  You want to be sure every guest can have a piece of the cake.  And don’t forget, the top tier of your cake is traditionally reserved for your first anniversary. 

Get to the bakery and do some cake tasting. Most bakeries have no problem with clients reserving times to come in and taste a few cakes. There are so many flavors to choose from and the tasting will be an enjoyable way for the bride and groom to bond.  You can have a cake with more than one flavor.  Do you want round or square tiers? Do you want the tiers to be stacked atop one another or separated? Then we have cake stands and toppers to think out.  The possibilities are endless….and you thought picking out your dress was tough??? 

So is your cake a big deal?  Yes, it really is!

Google bridal cake designs and browse bridal magazines for inspiration.  A reputable bakery will have photos of their work and should be open to new ideas if you wish to customize the cake of your dreams!  Be creative, make it your own and enjoy!

Joanne & Peggy 


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