Wedding Don’ts!


Things you should avoid at all costs!

* When people ask about the wedding plans remember, it is a polite comment. Keep your answers to a minimum.  Friends, family & coworkers don’t really want all the details!

* Perfect wedding?  It rarely happens, so Don’t expect it to!  Unless you are Princess Diana or Kate, most likely not everything will go perfectly.  Know your limits, you really don’t have to have bigger, better, more expensive.  Your day will be perfect because you are marrying your Love! Don’t ignore your budget…keep the main thing, the main things!

* So what is the “main thing”?  How about HIM?  Did you notice on the wedding shows the Bridezilla is always yelling, criticizing her finance.  Don’t let this be you.  He should be considered and asked his opinion on your choices.  Remember it’s his wedding too.  Make him feel all important.  The two of you will become disconnected if outside pressures — especially trivial ones — take precedence over caring for each other. So, take time off from big-day tasks to spend regular old girlfriend-boyfriend time together.

* Don’t be a Diva.  Your friends and bridesmaids are excited about the wedding but they also have a life, and most likely a set budget.  Being demanding of them is a definite no-no.  Don’t go overboard on asking for more and more from them.  You want your friendships to outlast the wedding day.  Be considerate and remember to ask them for lunch to just be ‘friends’ during the pre-wedding time frame.

* This is a big one – Don’t spend money you Don’t have!  Little expenses add up very quickly.  In a past blog we talked about tipping.  That is a perfect example of something getting blown way out of the budget — adding a few guests, a few more flowers, a few more mementos can add hundreds to the budget.  So make a budget, and stick to it — you don’t want to start your marriage under a cloud of debt.

* Don’t fight with your parents!  They are losing their “baby”.  It changes everything for them.  Reassurances that you love them and you can still do lunch and dinners will be very comforting to them.  Try to keep disagreements to a minimum.  Remember they love you and really only want the very best for you.

Don’t try to change yourself!  Crash dieting, drastic hair changes, tanning excessively?  Stop!  It can affect your skin, your hair, your health and your well being.  (and your man might wonder what happened to the girl her fell in love with!)  If you do diet, make sure you eat no less than 1,200 calories a day and lose no more than two pounds per week, advises health experts.  Not sure how to do it right? Talk to a nutritionist, some medical care providers even provide this service for free. Go online there is much out there for free.

Feel you need a makeup and/or hair change but want some advice?  You’ve come to the right place!  We are always ready to share our “secrets”.  Schedule a trial makeup and hair session with us.  Let our experts know what you’re looking for on your wedding day. They will also advise you on what will work and what won’t work for you.  One Mother of the Bride had not worn any “real” makeup in years.  She was quite adamant about not being over-done.  When our Team Beauti experts were finished, she cried because she felt so good and looked so beautiful.  Call today and schedule your trial.  We are here ready to serve you and your entire bridal party.

Joanne & Peggy






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