Good Luck…Bad Luck!


Happy Day Brides! 


 Tuck a sugar cube into your glove — according to Greek culture, the sugar will sweeten your union.

 The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck. Yikes!

 In English tradition, Wednesday is considered the “best day” to marry, although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health.

 The groom carries the bride across the threshold to bravely protect her from anything lurking below.

 Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day, according to English folklore. Funny — it’s the most popular day of the week to marry!

 Ancient Romans studied pig entrails to determine the luckiest time to marry.

 Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck.

 For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day. Ouch!

 Peas are thrown at Czech newlyweds instead of rice.

 A Swedish bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in each shoe to ensure that she’ll never do without.

 A Finnish bride traditionally went door-to-door collecting gifts in a pillowcase, accompanied by an older married man who represented long marriage.

In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside the newlyweds’ home as a symbol of fertility and luck.

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Joanne & Peggy


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