March is Arriving! Part 2


Top 3 “Must- Haves”!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer:  You should really invest in a bronzer, and it’s all about choosing the right color for you. If you are fair/light I would go for a very light brown with just enough color to make a slight difference because you don’t want to go for a super dark brown it will end up  giving you a “dirty-like” look on your beautiful skin. So opt for a Pale Pink blush instead. It will give you a natural flushed look. If you’re a medium skin, tan or dark complected,I would go for a medium to deep bronzer. Just apply one or two strokes of your bronzer to the hollows of your check bones, sides of your forehead and that completes this step.

BB cream or a Tinted Moisturizer:    I know Monday mornings can feel like a drag, so Instead of wearing a full face of foundation I reach for a BB cream or a Tinted Moisturizer. It’s so much easier to apply, evens out my skin tone and it gives me enough coverage to walk out of my house without having a bare face and gives me some SPF too which is really important to wear.

Rimmel Translucent Powder:  If you rather wear just your tinted moisturizer and skip the bronzer. Make sure you are setting your face with a powder. I like using a translucent powder because I want something that will set my makeup and lock it in place but not deposit color. Throughout the day I like to retouch my face and if I were to use a regular compacted powder that matches my skin tone it will keep adding color to my face and end up looking caked on! (not the natural look we are striving for here)

What are you waiting for? Get your products today and have a “beachy bronzed natural” look in five minutes!

 ~ Team Beauti




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