Home Remedy for Acne and Pesky Pimples #7


Home Remedy #7:  Tap into Tea Tree Oil

You’ll read about tea tree oil for a lot of home remedies, but will most likely see it mentioned the most when it comes to skin care, specifically, acne.  But why, when to much oil is clogging the pores and making you break out, would you want to use more oil?!

Te tree oil isn’t like the oil your skin naturally produces, rather it is more like a solvent that cuts through the extra sebum and dead skin cells and unblocks the pores.  Its antibacterial properties also kill off the acne causing bacteria, and prevent further outbreaks.


Wash your face with warm water and pat dry.  Dilute tea tree oil by mixing 1 part oil to 9 parts water.  Dip a Q-tip or cotton swab into the mixture and apply to problem areas.  If you decide you want a stronger dilution after using for awhile, you can slowly begin to increase the strength, making sure to use a new mixture for at least a week before making it any stronger.  Again, it should never be applied undiluted.  Apply a light moisturizer afterwards if you like. 

Tip:  If your skin is sensitive, dilute the tea tree oil with aloe vera instead of water.

Good Luck ~ Team Beauti



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